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Manage more clients on social media and charge a higher retainer with Cloud Campaign. Schedule a free demo to learn how.

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For agencies and freelancers that manage social media for 3 or more clients.

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Finally, SMM for Agencies

A social media management platform built from the ground up for Marketing Agenices.

Each client gets their own workspace.

Add clients to help with the creative process or community management.

Completely customize the platform with your logo and branding.

Charge more by providing a custom-built dashboard just for your clients.


Building in-depth client reports has never been easier.

Aggregate both paid and organic analytics for all of your client's accounts in one easy to read report.

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98 Buck Social

Managing over 1,000 clients on Cloud Campaign


Consolidated 4 tools into 1 and increased engagement by 50%

Bad Granny Media

Significantly increased their team's bandwidth and organization

“We'd been looking for a tool like Cloud Campaign for a while.

It integrates a lot of the capabilities we wanted, even better than some of the big name (and BIG price tag) tools out there.”

Christy Huggins
Director of Digital Marketing, Eventbrite

Still have questions?

Is there a free trial?

Yup! All plans come with a 14-day free trial. Cancel at any time during the trial and you won't be charged a dime.

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Can I add my clients to the system?

Of course! All plans come with unlimited users so you can add both admins and brand managers from your team, in addition to your clients. Now your clients can help you create social media content and even see their analytics in real-time.

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Can I change plans after signing up?

Yup, change plans at any time. Any price changes will be pro-rated.

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Do you help me move my clients over?

Yup, our Integrations Team will help you migrate your existing clients over to Cloud Campaign. In addition, we have built-in tools to import your client's existing social media content so you don't need to recreate everything from scratch including a Facebook import, Google Drive integration, and multiple bulk upload options.

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Do you offer annual discounts?

We do! If you want to commit to the product for a year, we can offer you two months for free.

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No hidden fees. Free 14-day Trial.


For Consultants and Freelancers:
Grow your consultancy by automating tedious tasks and freeing up time to onboard more clients.
per month
1+ Clients
Unlimited Users
7 Social Accounts per Client
Paid Social Reporting
Dedicated Account manager


For Growing Studios:
Work as a team to create, approve, schedule, and report on social media content. Invite your clients to the process!
per month
5+ Clients
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Social Accounts
Paid Social Reporting
Dedicated Account Manager


For Marketing Agencies:
Get client buy-in and empower your team to double the number of brands they manage through streamlined workflows and automation.
per month
5+ Clients
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Social Accounts
Paid Social Reporting
Dedicated Account Manager

Boost your team’s productivity by 50%